About this Project

Launching the Dutch government’s important new office of the Children’s Ombudsman. Until recently children in The Netherlands never had a representative who could directly speak to the Dutch parliament to defend their rights. The recently appointed Children’s Ombudsman, Mark Dullaert, wanted to make clear to all children what their rights are.


First we listened to and crowdsourced childrens touching stories of teasing, bullying and abuse. We turned these stories into a powerful campaign including content, PR and an outdoor campaign, aimed to make children across the country aware of these rights. The stories were told through the friends and classmates keeping the victims anonymous for the viewer.


Our message about children’s rights and that of the Children’s Ombudsman who stands up for these rights resonated far beyond the Netherlands and reached children in Europe and Northern America.


Even the Huffinton Post was impressed by our campaign: “Dutch anti-gay bullying clip tackles subject more directly than ever before.”


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